Chalice Corals for Sale

The multi-colored Chalice coral for sale at World Wide Coral are an excellent choice for all levels of experience. This type of coral usually prefers both lower light and medium to low flow but can sometimes be kept in medium light conditions if slowly acclimated to such conditions. The shapes of chalice corals range from saucer like plates to mounds encrusting over rock structures. Most of the time they are placed horizontally, but you can also place chalice corals at an angle to make them grow a certain way. They should be placed in the lower third of your reef so that they can be kept in their "sweet spot.”

Some varieties of rainbow-colored chalice coral have sweeper tentacles that are extended out of their mouths at night, and they can range from less than a quarter inch to multiple inches depending on the species. Mcyedium is notorious for this and should be given extra room to grow. You can get their mouths to open by putting some amino acids or food in the aquarium and then feed them meaty foods to accelerate growth if you desire. Feed them 2 times per week to really see them reach their full potential. Chalices tend to like more nutrient-rich waters, so your reef shouldn't be too clean. You can view our selection of chalice corals for sale below.

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