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World Wide Corals Livestock Guarantee


When you make a purchase from worldwidecorals.com you can buy with 100% confidence. Each customers purchase comes with a commitment from the WWC team for the health of your animals and satisfaction of your order. No hassles, just provide us with a photo of the WWC Coral Frags (originating from WWC) within 5 days, a photo of your West Coast Source (WCS) coral colony within 5 days, or a video of the Saltwater Fish within 3 days. All Saltwater Inverts and WWC Outlet Corals have an arrive alive guarantee only.

If your new livestock addition does not stay alive for the guarantee period we will issue you a store credit. We do not cover any shipping costs for credited livestock. FedEx delays due to weather or mechanical failure which result in loss may not be covered under our guarantee. We are not responsible for incorrect addresses provided by the buyer. Please know that we will do whatever we can to make it right!

The following applies to our Guarantees

Email us with a clear picture or video of the deceased WWC Coral Frag (excluding WWC Outlet Corals) within 5 days of delivery for coral.

Email us with a clear picture or video of the deceased Saltwater Fish within 3 days from the time posted by FedEx.

WWC Outlet Corals and Saltwater Inverts NEED to have a picture or video of the DOA item submitted THE SAME DAY of arrival.

DO NOT remove the coral from the plug for 5 days or guarantee is void.

DO NOT discard or ship the specimen back without WWC authorization, doing so will void the guarantee.

DO NOT refuse the shipment if box is leaking or appears damaged or guarantee is void.

Guarantee applies to shipments only, not local pickup.

It is up to our discretion to void your guarantee if we believe your tank is not in suitable conditions to keep your animals alive and healthy.

See our recommended parameters chart below for reference.

Any order cancellations will be credited for 1 year or refunded with a 20% restocking fee.

At this time we offer an arrive alive guarantee on non-coral inverts, 5 day guarantee only applies to corals, 3 day guarantee for fish.

It is up to our discretion to void your guarantee if you have Non-reef safe fish (including, but not limited to; Angelfish, Puffers, Filefish, non-herbivorous Blennies, Triggers, Clown Gobies, Copperband Butterfly, or other non-reef safe Butterflies) residing in your reef tank. These fish in particular have been known to pick and/or consume corals and World Wide Corals cannot be held responsible for what these fish might decide to consume the latest additions to your reef.


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