Shipping Guarantee

World Wide Corals Shipped Coral Guarantee

Remember to unpack and put livestock in your tank as soon as your  shipment arrives!!!  

World Wide Corals will issue a credit for the purchase amount of the coral that is dead on arrival (DOA) or within 5 days of purchase. The 5 day guarantee applies to SI(Standard Inventory), VP(Vic’s Picks), LS(Live Sale),  and WYSIWYG corals ONLY. Guarantee for WWC Outlet and for inverts are live arrival ONLY. Guarantee applies to online orders ONLY. This credit is for livestock only and does not cover shipping costs. Please see our website for the full details on our livestock guarantees at:

Losses must be reported to World Wide Corals within 5 days of receiving the corals and on the same day for inverts and WWC Outlet corals. Please email us or call the customer service  department (407-856-2066 / 1-855-WWC-REEF) and email pictures/videos of the dead livestock in white light and a picture of the aquarium, as well as your packing slip to You can use the contact form at the bottom right corner of our website to upload your photo. Please keep all numbered fish bags until the claim has been processed.

  • DO NOT remove the coral from the plug for 5 days or the guarantee is void.
  • DO NOT discard or ship the specimen back without WWC authorization, doing so will void the guarantee.
  • If livestock is added to an aquarium with predators and is killed/damaged, the guarantee is void.
  • It is up to our discretion to void your guarantee if we believe your tank does not have suitable conditions to keep your animals alive and healthy.
  • YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A LIVESTOCK CREDIT IF YOU remove the coral from the frag plug before 5 days have passed, discard the specimen without WWC authorization, do not supply pictures of dead specimen within guarantee window, have predators that are incompatible with specimen, and/or have water parameters that fall outside of the safe range for coral(see parameters below for reference).
  • Shipping delays due to weather, mechanical failures, etc., which result in loss may not be covered under WWC guarantee. Please know that we will do whatever we can to make it right!!!

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If there is any concern with your order or if you’re unhappy for any reason, please  contact us first at 407-856-2066/1-855-WWC-REEF or  

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