Hi Fin Snapper - Philippines


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Symphorichthys spilurus

Symphorichthys species are a unique species that make an excellent addition to you FOWLR aquarium. Adults will grow to be about 23 inches in size and will require a great deal of swimming space. They are considered reef safe with caution because they tend to snack on mobile invertebrates but are not known to bother corals. The Hi Fin Snapper can be aggressive towards tank mates, however, keeping them well fed and in a large enough aquarium will help reduce the aggression. Provide a diet of varied meaty foods for continued health. In the wild, they are known to school in large groups and prefers to be housed with three or more of the same species of snappers. The Hi Fin Snapper inhabits around seaward reefs in the Western Pacific up to 60 meters deep.

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