Lennard's Wrasse - Australia

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Anampses lennardi

Wrasses in this genus are generally known for being reef safe with caution as they will not bother with sessile invertebrates, however, they will snack on shrimp and crabs. The Lennard's Wrasse prefers a well-established aquarium with plenty of hiding places and sandy substrate. This species will seek shelter under the sand to sleep and when frightened. They do best with a varied diet of frozen meaty foods and marine pellets. Nori Seaweed can be offered to add variety to their diet. Feeding them multiple times a day is recommended since they are very active. They are rarely seen in the industry and are highly sought-after. Adults will grow to be about 11 inches and will need substantial space to swim. The Lennard's Wrasse inhabits surge zones in the Eastern Indian Ocean up to 24 meters deep.

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