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Hippocampus erectus

Seahorses are a very interesting species of fish due to the body shapes and how they swim. Seahorses are recommended for more advanced hobbyists due to their specific care requirements. They are sensitive to water parameter changes and need pristine water quality conditions. Flow should not be strong or direct as the seahorse is not known for being strong swimmers. Be sure to use caution when choosing tank mates since they are extremely docile. The Orange Lined Seahorse have a highly demanding food intake and should be fed multiple small meals throughout the day. They may not accept frozen brine shrimp right away, so offering live brine shrimp maybe necessary. Hippocampus erectus is a species of seahorses that belongs to the family Syngnathidae. This species reaches an adult size of 5.5 inches & has a shorter life span of 1 to 4 years. They can be found in the Atlantic and as far North as Canada and as far South as Mexico.

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