Sea Grass Wrasse - Papua New Guinea


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Novaculichthys macrolepidotus

Wrasses in this genus are generally known for being reef safe with caution as they will not bother with sessile invertebrates, however, they will snack on invertebrates. The Sea Grass Wrasse has a blade like appearance which allows them to camouflage into agal flats and seagrass beds, which is how they got their common name. They will grow to be about 6 inches in size and should be housed in a 50-gallon aquarium or larger. Hobbyists desire the Sea Grass Wrasse because they are known to eat pesky flatworms, pyramid snails and montipora eating nudibranchs. They have specialized teeth that allow them to crush the invertebrates. When feeding them, give them a varied small meaty diet. Feeding them multiple times a day is recommended as they are very active and keeping them full will help keep them away from desirable inverts. The Sea Grass Wrasse is found in the Indo-West Pacific within the seagrass beds and sandy algal flats of lagoons up to 25 meters deep.

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