WWC Bi-Color Frogspawn Coral


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Euphyllia sp.

WYSIWYG and fully aquacultured by WWC!

This one head Frag will be approximately 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" in size.

Photo is a representation of the shape, size, and color of the coral you will receive.

The Euphyllia genus consists of Hammers, Torches, & Frogspawns, plus several subspecies. The movement they provide and their ease of care make them one of the most desired types of coral in the hobby. They can either have fused wall type skeletons or are branching with these branches growing out of their base / or their heads will split. Euphyllia prefer low flow and low to medium-low. They usually do best placed low (bottom) or off to one side of your reef. They can take up a lot of room when fully extended and can also carry long sweepers so be sure to give them plenty of buffer space from other corals. Their mouths open wide deep under their tentacles so they can be fed large diameter meaty foods.

Size: 3/4"+

Light Light: Medium
Light Flow: Medium
LightCare: Easy
Aquaculture Seal
State Inspected Aqua-culture Facility

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