Yellow Spotted Moray Skeletor Eel - Indonesia


Size: 4 - 7"
Lot: 1
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Echidna xanthospilos

These hardy moray eels can obtain a reaction from spectators like no other fish can. This genus of eels is a great recommendation for beginner eel hobbyists since they are considered easy morays. They don’t need a ton of room as long as you keep them well fed. They do best with lots of hiding spaces, but give them a few days to acclimate. They will typically readily take to thawed silversides but do not do this with your hands. Eel bites take a long time to heal, and hurt pretty bad. They are nocturnal feeder and should be fed when the lights are off in the aquarium. These are escape artists, so keep a tight lid on the aquarium to prevent getting an eel on your carpet.

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