5 Easy Invertebrates To Add to Your Saltwater Aquarium

Invertebrates are some of the most versatile specimens you can add to your saltwater aquarium. Not only do these organisms look cool, but they also perform a series of different roles that can benefit the lifespan of your ecosystem. However, it’s important to note that not just any invertebrates will fit perfectly into your underwater world, especially if you’re new to this hobby. Here’s a list of five easy invertebrates to add to your saltwater aquarium and why you should stick to these varieties when you’re first starting.

Cleaner Shrimp

As their name suggests, cleaner shrimp are incredibly effective tank cleaners. Since they feed on algae, flake food, and even dead skin tissue from your fish, these invertebrates are great resources for keeping your tank healthy. Additionally, they’re very hardy and can coexist with many different marine organisms. As such, they require very little hands-on care from you.

Fire Shrimp

Fire shrimp are also wonderful options for beginner aquarium builders. Like cleaner shrimp, this species spends most of its time scavenging for food along the bottom of the tank. However, one key difference is that fire shrimp prefer eating excess flake food among the rocks and picking out algae growths. So they’re typically better at keeping the tank clean as a whole. Their bright red colorings make them a vibrant addition to your tank’s design as well.

Trochus Snails

Trochus snails have a distinct cone-shaped shell that makes them a great complement to a beautiful underwater ecosystem. Adept at attaching themselves to surfaces, they’re popular for their algae-scrubbing abilities on tank glass. They also stay small, allowing them to fit between rock formations and perform a more thorough cleaning than larger invertebrates.

Scarlet Hermit Crab

Though hermit crabs have a reputation for being aggressive toward snails for their shells, certain types can be great for beginner tanks. Unlike other types of hermit crab, the scarlet hermit crab typically has a very passive personality. As such, it tends to leave snails alone and coexist peacefully. Since it scavenges for food, it’s good at cleaning any extraneous debris throughout the tank.

Nassarius Snails

One of the easiest invertebrates to add to your saltwater aquarium of all, though, is the Nassarius snail. These creatures boast an easy-going temperament and get along with most other species you’ll keep in your tank. Burrowing into the sand bed, they’re constantly shifting these minerals and feeding on algae particles. As such, they’re some of the most popular invertebrates out there for their ability to keep tanks looking freshly turned.

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