Choosing an Ideal Location for Your Coral Aquarium

The chosen placement of your home saltwater aquarium is a critical factor in the survival of your livestock. Not only can incorrect placement hinder the conditions in your tank, but it can also make it more difficult for you to care for the tank in the long run. So, if you’re looking for overall success when building this display, careful consideration should start with picking its resting spot. Here are a few helpful tips for choosing an ideal location for your coral aquarium.

Pick a Spot Away From Windows and Doors

First and foremost, you’ll want to eliminate any options that put your aquarium near a window or door. While all tanks need some level of light regardless of your livestock, placing them around natural light sources can throw these levels off balance. This is because you have much less control over the amount of natural light flooding in from outside. As such, it’s highly recommended that you supplement with an artificial lighting system so that your corals get just as much light as they need.

Maintain Extra Space Around the Tank

Picking a spot that’s easily accessible is also a crucial tip for choosing an ideal location for your coral aquarium. After all, regular maintenance is the key to keeping your livestock healthy and your display sufficiently clean. As such, you need enough extra room around the tank to manipulate your equipment, perform water changes, and check chemical levels. For this reason, try placing your aquarium on its own stand and limiting the number of items you place next to it.

Avoid Direct Vent and Airflow Contact

Along with avoiding doors and windows, you’ll want to keep your tank away from any vents or heavy airflow areas in your home. With constant exposure to hot or cool air, these places offer the greatest risk of altering the overall temperature of your tank. Most corals are temperature sensitive, making them highly susceptible to illness should the temperature rise too high or lower drastically. So, just like with lighting, keeping your setup away from these areas is the best way to maintain control.

Set Up on a Sturdy Furniture Piece

Adhering to the above points would be futile if you don’t place your tank on top of a sturdy enough piece of furniture. Even the smallest aquariums can be very heavy and cause furniture pieces to fail if you aren’t prepared. Because of this, check the weight capacity of your desired aquarium stand before you commit to using it.

Sometimes, creating the ideal setup for your reef tank takes help from an industry expert. At World Wide Corals, we not only sell top-notch coral fragments for your tank, but we also use our extensive knowledge to help with your build. We offer a series of different aquarium services to choose from, including full-service maintenance, analysis and inspection, and even aquarium installation. This way, you never need to worry about the well-being of your ecosystem.

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