Go With the Flow: Tips for Choosing the Right Aquarium Pump

Aquarium pumps are responsible for controlling the intake and output of your tank’s water supply. As such, whether you’re running a small nano tank or a larger, several-gallon display, it’s your pump that’ll properly regulate the environment. For this reason, the equipment you choose for your specific build will be vital to making it a long-lasting and efficient setup. Here are a few tips for choosing the right aquarium pump so that you can make the most of this process.

Know Your Options

There’s a wide variety of different pumps available on the market, and choosing between them can be one of the most overwhelming parts of creating an aquarium. This is why it’s so beneficial for you to understand your options. For starters, you need to identify whether you want your pump in the tank itself or hooked up externally. Both are very viable in a home tank; however, external pumps take up more space while submersible pumps radiate more heat. So, make sure you take these things into account when deciding between them.

Decide on a Filtration System Beforehand

Prior to narrowing down your choices, you’ll also want to identify the type of filter you’ll use for your build. Since your filter must work in tandem with your pump, ensure that they’re compatible with one another. This will reduce the amount of maintenance required on the pump and keep your filter working at optimal efficiency.

Match Flow Rate to Your Tank Size

Another thing to consider is the desired size of your aquarium tank. The larger your display will be, the more powerful a pump you’ll need to turn over the water. As a general rule, aquariums need a pump that can turn over 10 times the tank’s capacity in an hour. So, if you’re working with a 200-liter enclosure, you’ll want something with a flow rate of 2000 liters per hour.

Consider Compatibility With Other Devices

Thinking about a product’s compatibility with additional equipment is a crucial tip for choosing the right aquarium pump as well. Depending on the model you choose, you may need to use other devices like tank heaters, UV sterilizers, and protein skimmers to keep your tank balanced and healthy. Because of this, it’s important that your pump can work alongside these pieces of equipment.

To learn more about the equipment you’ll need to start your own aquarium build, contact World Wide Corals. Our team has years of collective experience working with saltwater tanks, both on their own and in the professional field. As such, we’re confident that we can give you the advice you need to succeed. We also offer aquarium maintenance services to fix any underlying problems with your equipment and ensure that your livestock stay healthy and beautiful.

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