Small Polyp Stony Coral Types and Care Guide

Small polyp stony corals, or SPS corals, make the perfect additions to any saltwater aquarium. With their diverse range of colors and shapes as well a good amount of durability, they’re great for beginner and expert builders alike. However, the SPS category is incredibly broad and includes over a hundred different species variations. So, it’s important that you know what some of them are in order to effectively care for them. These are some of the small polyp stony coral types and their care guidelines.


When the image of a coral structure comes to mind, the Acropora is what you probably think of. Also called staghorn or table coral, this specimen has characteristic branches that extend out into the water around them. They make for an iconic underwater scene, which contributes to their status as the most popular species on the market. Acropora require high light and water flow to survive, so placing them near the surface of your tank is ideal.


Montipora corals, on the other hand, can vary in their appearance. While Acropora corals have rigid, tree-like formations, Montipora corals can develop in a series of different ways. Some may take on table formations, while others can form branch-like tendrils. This diversity makes them great additions to tanks, and you’ll always be able to find something that suits your tastes. However, because of these varying styles, they also require slightly different care depending on the type you choose.


Another small polyp stony coral type to highlight is known as Porites. Porites looks like solid disks with hundreds of small, finger-shaped polyps across its surface. This is where it gets the nickname of finger coral. This organism likes a moderate to high water flow and a moderate amount of lighting, but it can also thrive in high-lighting locations as well.

Bird’s Nest

As its name implies, bird’s nest coral resembles a large branch. It usually consists of a singular stalk that extends outward into two or three different directions. Tiny polyps pepper the stalk and take in nutrients as they flow by. Since these corals are found along shallow ocean reefs, they tend to favor high amounts of light and high water flow.

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