How Invertebrates Directly Lead to Healthy Coral Colonies

Establishing a stable saltwater aquarium is about finding an ecological balance between all of your tank’s inhabitants. For many people, this means fish and corals, but the invertebrates you choose also have a large effect on the tank’s environment as a whole. Invertebrates play key roles in the health of corals, including in your small-scale display. But if you still find yourself wondering whether they’re worth the investment, we have just the resource for you. This is how invertebrates directly lead to healthy coral colonies.

They Clean the Tank Environment

First, certain types of invertebrates are exceptional cleaners for your tank. These critters remove excess food, fish waste, and algae as they scan the structures within your tank. With fewer contaminants floating around, your corals will be free to find the proper sustenance and grow. A clean environment is crucial to ensuring your corals remain well-fed, colorful, and active. The thoroughness of some cleaners can even prevent illness from developing and spreading in your aquarium.

They Regulate Chemicals

Invertebrates also assist in the regulation of the water’s chemical composition. Fish waste and uneaten food can build up in your tank and break down, causing a rise in the water’s nitrate and nitrite content. These chemicals can lead to the widespread growth of algae, which can snuff out other life in your aquarium or make your corals and fish sick. So by removing some of these particles, invertebrates make it easier for you to prevent illness and death in your tank.

They Repopulate the Ecosystem

Another way that invertebrates directly lead to healthy coral colonies is through reproduction. Though this process is a little more regulated within an aquarium, wild invertebrates use coral colonies as nesting grounds to breed. This repopulates the environment with additional cleaners that will better control the spread of algae. So if your tank is large enough and it’s something you want to allow, breeding invertebrates could be very beneficial in the future.

Invertebrates are some of the most helpful organisms you can keep in your tank. They serve a very important purpose, and some of them are also very interesting to look at. As such, we at World Wide Corals seek to provide only the best aquarium invertebrates for beginner and expert hobbyists alike. From shrimp to snails to crabs, we carry it all so that you can maintain a beautiful, high-performing ecosystem.

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