How To Tell if Your Montipora Coral Is Happy and Healthy

If you’re looking for corals that will thrive in beginner aquariums, it’s no secret that Montipora corals are great options. Vibrant and relatively hardy, these corals can withstand the expected fluctuations in water conditions as you’re establishing your ecosystem. But even so, it’s important to understand that they can deteriorate when exposed to the wrong chemical, lighting, or current configuration. Therefore, knowing what to watch for can be incredibly beneficial. This is how to tell if your Montipora coral is happy and healthy in your tank.

Vibrant Color

One of the first things you should watch for is changes in your coral’s color—namely, bleaching. Corals receive their coloring from a series of organisms called zooxanthellae, which turn the corals various colors in exchange for photosynthesis. When your coral is healthy, so are these smaller organisms, and your Montipora will demonstrate as such through its different hues. So if its colors remain the same shades of blue, green, and pink for which it’s known, it’s perfectly content in its environment.

Frequent Colony Growth

You can also tell if your Montipora coral is happy and healthy by its rate of growth. As corals consume energy from their surroundings, they use it to steadily build out their exoskeletons and polyps. This way, they extend farther out into the water, where they can gather additional sustenance. Because of this, noticeable changes in your Montipora’s size are great indicators that it’s doing well. Likewise, should you see that it hasn’t grown in a long time, something may be wrong.

Absence of Algae

When corals fall ill, they become susceptible to a series of different hazards that rob them of nutrients. Algae growth is one such danger. These organisms may occasionally attach to the exterior of your Montipora’s exoskeleton; however, they’ll never cover a healthy colony. For this reason, excessive algae growth is a telltale sign your coral is sick. In the absence of this, your Montipora is free to collect nutrients and grow.

Corals are fascinating specimens. They not only rely on their own growth abilities to survive but also develop symbiotic relationships with other organisms. We at World Wide Corals understand the importance of these factors and seek to provide you with every resource to make your build a success. We also offer hardy, beautiful Montipora corals for sale, all grown in our own aquaculturing centers. This way, you know you’re getting a healthy, happy specimen from the start.