Mushroom Coral Care


Mushroom coral are some of the easiest coral to take care of.  They are great for beginner and advanced hobbyists that are looking for exotic, decorative coral that comes in a huge variety of colors such as red, purples, greens, and blues. The surface of mushroom coral can be bumpy, like the rhodactis, or smooth, like the discosoma

They do not have specific water parameter needs.  They rarely depend on calcium or magnesium due to the lack of a skeleton. Mushroom coral can tolerate a wider range of water conditions than other coral, but excessive amounts of phosphates and nitrates are detrimental.

You want to place your mushroom coral in the middle or bottom of your tank.  They will want a surface for their foot to grip while offering it protection. Make sure to place them in a low flow area. Mushroom coral prefer low to moderate lighting in the 50 - 150 par range.  

Feeding your mushroom coral  is almost not necessary.  They can absorb food particles directly or move them across their surface to their mouth. However, spot feeding your mushroom coral will result in faster growth and brighter colors.  They prefer high protein food such as brine shrimp or you can use a mixed blend like Reef Roids.  Feeding frequency depends on your system's stability and ability to break down organics.  

Mushroom coral are fast growing. You want to put them in an area where they have room to grow or on a separate rock away from the rest of your aquascape. They can easily overtake an area, crowding out the other coral in the process or irritating them.  

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