Blue Spotted Jawfish - Mexico


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Opistognathus rosenblatti

Jawfish are an excellent addition to reef aquariums and smaller aquariums because they have a small adult size and a lot of personality. The Jawfish has a narrow, long body that allows them to back into their burrow and use their rather large eyes to protect their territory and be on the lookout for food. When planning a display with the jawfish, be sure to have a thick bed of mixed grain sand, as this will give them enough depth to burrow, and a more secure final structure around rocks. They will then spend most of their time guarding their burrow. Before adding them into the aquarium, make sure that all rocks are securely rested on the bottom of the tank or it will be destabilized.

The Blue Dot Jawfish is a great fish to recommend to your more advanced hobbyist. They are known for burrowing in the sand and being “mouth brooders.” The males will hold the eggs in his mouth until they hatch. Its care is pretty minimal; the most important aspect is to make sure they are eating. Be sure to supplement their diet with meaty frozen foods (thawed) and marine sinking pellets. Because they are busy working on their burrow, target feeding is recommended to keep them from missing meals. Providing the correct tank mates are always important in any aquarium, this Jawfish would prefer tank mates that are not aggressive, territorial or predatory. Even with the best tank mates they may not come completely out of their burrow since they don’t like being disturbed. They can be territorial to other jawfish (even other Blue Dots) and bottom dwellers. This fish has an adult size of 3” and are a great addition to smaller aquariums. They have an orange/yellow colored body and it’s covered with blue spots. The Blue Dot Jawfish are found in the Eastern Central Pacific inhabiting burrows of crushed coral or sand within reefs. They are also known to cover the entrance of their burrow at night for protection.

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