Yellow Assessor Basslet - Australia


Size: 1.25 - 2.25"
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Assessor flavissimus

Assessor Basslets are ideal for both FOWLER and reef aquariums. They are ideal due to being reef safe, and having a small adult size. They aren't particularly peaceful and can be territorial especially if they have claimed a crevice. This basslet enjoys overhangs and caves to hang around in and can even be seen chilling upside down under the overhangs. Having plenty rockwork helps reduce their stress by mimicking their natural habitat. They will be most active in lower light parts of the day, though they will learn to be active during daylight once they correlate that with feeding time. A diet of meaty foods and pellets should be offered twice a day for continued health. Provide a tight fitted top to the aquarium since Assessors are known to jump when startled. The Yellow Assessor hails from the Coral Sea and the waters around Australia. They will grow to be about 3 inches in size and can go into a 30-gallon aquarium. Their bodies are entirely yellow with vibrant red outlining on the dorsal and anal fins. They also have a reddish-orange streak going through their eyes.

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