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Paracentropyge multifasiata

Angels within this genus may pick at corals, invertebrates, and clam mantles. Multibar Pygmy Angels may be shy when first introduced to the aquarium. As they begin to acclimate to their new home, they will establish their own territories and can become slightly aggressive towards other tank mates. Angels possess cheek spines along the edge of their gill covers. Therefore, exercise caution when handling them and refrain from using a net for capture, as they could become entangled or injured during removal. Multibar Pygmy Angels are white with eight black vertical bars that turn to yellow near their lower body. As juveniles, they will have a black dot on the rear of their dorsal fin which fades as they mature. Omnivorous by nature, they thrive on a varied diet of frozen and prepared marine Angelfish foods, supplemented by grazing on live rock. They should be fed at least twice a day. These Angels typically reach a size of up to 4 inches and should be added to aquariums of 70 gallons or larger for optimal space and comfort. Multibar Pygmy Angels are commonly found in caves, crevices, and deeply sloped reef areas, typically at depths of up to 200 feet.

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