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Chelmon rostratus

The Butterfly is fairly hardy and adapts well to life in an aquarium if acclimated properly.  Most butterflies in this genus can be added in a group. They won’t do well with fish that are overly aggressive, but they will also nip and pick at fish that are very timid. Finding ideal tank mates can be a challenge. Initially, butterflies can be shy; making sure there are plenty of hiding places will help them acclimate. Butterflies are not recommended for reef aquariums because they are very likely to consume a variety of coral polyps. These will benefit from multiple feedings per day, be sure to provide a varied diet of frozen meaty foods. Adding algae to their diet will give them things to graze on, mimicking their wild eating behavior and improving their immune systems.

The Copperband Butterfly will help clean your aquarium of pests. They are can grow to be about 8” in size, so ample swimming space is necessary. Full blown adults of this butterfly will need at least 120 gallons; however, juveniles can be housed in smaller aquariums. Unlike other butterflies, the Copperband cannot be added to an aquarium in a group. They prefer to be housed singly. Copperbands are very desired because they are known to snack on the pesky aiptasia. If left to their own demise aiptasia will take over. Their elongated snot allows them to get into crevices to feed. Their body is pearly white with dark orange bands running vertically. The Copperband has a false eye by the caudal fin like many other butterflies. The false eye confuses predators because they aim for that “eye” and it gives the butterfly a chance to get away. The dorsal fins are jagged and can get caught in nets. They are found in Australia and Indo-Pacific inhabiting in reefs and lagoons.

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