Magnificent Foxface - Indonesia


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Siganus magnificus

Rabbitfish are a favorite because they can be housed with just about anything. They can be housed with either docile fish or aggressive tank mates because their venomous dorsal spines prevent other fish from bothering them too much. They are a peaceful fish except when housed with other types of rabbitfish. Be sure to provide an environment that has plenty of space to swim and live rock that has algae for grazing. Cautionary note: the Rabbitfish does have venomous dorsal spines that cause a painful sting, so use caution when working in the aquarium. They are considered reef safe with caution because they have been known to nip at some corals, especially when hungry or the corals are in declining condition. To avoid the nipping be sure that they are well fed with a mix of meaty foods and vegetable-based foods. The Magnificent Foxface will grow to be about 10 inches in size and will need substantial swimming space. They are found in the Eastern Indian Ocean inhabiting coral reefs where they can feed on algae and invertebrates. Juveniles can be found in schools while adults will be singly or in pairs in the wild.

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