Koran Angelfish - Juvenile - Philippines


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Pomacanthus semicirculatus

Angelfish come in a large array of colors, patterns and sizes that make them very appealing to all levels of hobbyists. Unlike Centropyge angels, this genus is known for having large adult sizes.

The Koran Angels has a varied natural diet, so aquarists should always feed a diet that is similar to their natural one. They generally feed on a wide variety of algae, sponges, soft corals and other benthic organisms in the wild and this should be mimicked in your home aquarium. This is also why they are not considered reef safe. This angel requires a very large aquarium with ample swimming space because the Koran Angel will grow to be over a foot in length. Full grown adults of this angel will need around 250 gallons; however, juveniles can be housed in smaller aquariums. Be sure to provide a sufficient amount of live rock because it will aide in hiding and a food source for grazing. The Koran will go through a complete transformation from juvenile to adult. As a juvenile, they are mostly dark blue with white stripes that form semi-circles. An adult will have different colors of yellow/tan, blue, orange and green. Their body has small speckles littered across it and bright blue outlining the fins. The Koran Angels are found in the Indo-West Pacific. Juveniles inhabit shallow protected areas, while adults can be found hidden around coral in coastal reefs up to 40 meters deep.

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