Gold Nugget Maroon Clownfish - Aquacultured Bali Aquarich - Indonesia

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Premnas biaculeatus

Clownfish are one of the most well-known marine species and are also one of the best for the beginner hobbyist. They are hardy, have a small adult size and can be added in groups. Thanks to advances in aquaculture, the clownfish also comes in a variety of colorations and designs. They will very likely host anemone fairly quickly (just avoid condylactis), which is an interesting display of symbiotic behavior. The clown provides food and a cleaning service for the anemone, which in turn protects the clownfish. The clownfish is considered reef safe and will readily accept prepared diets. Clownfish are known to change their sex to increase their chance of reproduction and genetic diversity in the wild. A school of clowns are built on a hierarchy with the female on top, so the largest clown in a school is always the female. If the female dies then the most dominant male (largest) will change their sex to take her place. The Gold Nugget Maroon Clown has a bright red to maroon and white coloration. As they grow, the white will transition to a vibrant gold in color. The Gold Nugget Maroon Clown will grow to be about 6 inches in size.

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