Neon Blue Cleaner Goby - Aquacultured - USA


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Elacatinus oceanops

Gobies are a fantastic choice for reef aquariums, boasting small adult sizes and vibrant personalities. The aquacultured Neon Blue Cleaner Gobies, in particular, are known for their timid yet hardy nature, making them ideal candidates for reef setups. Their inclination to clean tank mates adds an additional benefit to the aquarium ecosystem. To ensure harmony in the tank, it's important to provide adequate space, as Neon Blue Cleaner Gobies can become territorial towards other members of their species if the aquarium is too small. It's advisable to keep them as the sole goby unless they form a mated pair. Measuring around 2 inches as adults, these gobies are perfect for smaller aquariums. Their striking appearance includes horizontal stripes of neon blue, white, and black, enhancing the visual appeal of any tank. In their natural habitat in the Western Central Atlantic, Neon Blue Cleaner Gobies are commonly found hiding between coral heads at depths of up to 45 meters. Their natural inclination to remove parasites from neighboring fish remains intact in aquarium settings, contributing to the overall health of tank inhabitants. This species was successfully aquacultured in a state-of-the-art hatchery in Los Angeles, California.

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