Pinkface Wrasse - Maldives


Size: 4.5 - 5.5"
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Thalassoma quinquevittatum

The Thalassoma Wrasses has exquisite coloration, hardiness and high activity levels that make them very desirable in the aquarium hobby. If possible, add this wrasse to the aquarium last since they can be territorial. When feeding them, give them a varied small meaty diet. Feeding them multiple times a day is recommended as they are very active and keeping them full will help keep them away from desirable inverts. In addition, they are known predators of a myriad of unwanted pests like bristle worms and mantis shrimp. As with all the other fish in the genus, they are capable jumpers at all stages of their life, so a covered aquarium is necessary. The Pinkface Wrasse will add a great deal of color to your aquarium. Adults will grow to be maximum 7 inches and will need an aquarium of about 70 gallons. They are found in outer lagoon reefs of the Indo-Pacific up to 40 meters deep.

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