Red and Orange Angler - Philippines


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Antennarius maculatus

Anglers are a sedentary fish that do not need a lot of space. When they move through the aquarium, the Angler doesn't really swim but tends to hover which makes it look as though it is walking. Anglers can change their colors to blend into their surroundings, however, the Red and Orange Angler is known to stay in within shades of oranges and red. This allows them to blend into sponges. While fascinating, they can be difficult to please, so understanding their needs is essential. Anglerfish can become very stressed during shipping, so careful handling and acclimation will go a long way toward keeping them healthy. Take care not to expose them to air in transfers. Like puffers, they have a sensitive air bladder. To help reduce stress in the aquarium, be sure to provide ample open space and just enough live rock to act as shelter for hiding. If your individual fish is on a hunger strike, live foods can be used to entice a feeding response, after which they can be weaned onto frozen foods. They are known as an ambush predator, they will remain still and hidden until the prey approaches then they will engulf the prey whole. Beware: Anglers are known to eat small fish and ornamental crustaceans. The Red and Orange is found in the Indo-West Pacific in sheltered rocky reefs up to about 5 meters deep.

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