Purple/Red Frilly Rhinopias Scorpions - Philippines


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Rhinopias frondosa

The Scorpionfish have very unique behaviors and appearances. They are most commonly known for being ambush predators. They are usually found by themselves, hidden superbly well and when the prey swims close enough, they are engulfed in the scorpion's huge mouth. The Purple/Red Frilly Rhinopias will grow to be about 10 inches in size and do not need a ton of room to roam as they live a very sedentary lifestyle. The Scorpionfish eat large meals and produce a correlated amount of waste, which can be a challenge to deal with in the filtration of smaller aquariums. To make this Scorpion feel at home make sure the rockwork has ample hiding places and is sturdy. For continued health provide a varied diet of meaty foods, a big meal, a couple times a week is plenty. Use caution when handling because they have venomous spines that use exclusively for defense but can sting an aquarist accidentally. The Purple/Red Frilly Rhinopias are found in the Indo-West Pacific up to 297 meters deep. Adults and juveniles can be found in soft-bottom habitats in current prone channels near rocks and algae so they can camouflage. This Rhinopias prefers to hunt at night.

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