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Liopropoma rubre

Liopropoma is a genus of Basslets that are related to the groupers and part of the Serranidae family. They tend to do better in a rocky bottom tank with lots of hiding spots. They are considered to be hardy once they have fully acclimated to your home aquarium. Feed them small meaty foods a couple times a day since they have a high metabolism. This genus is considered to be reef safe and will do very well in reef aquariums. However, they may snack on small ornamental shrimps and crabs. The Swissguard Basslet is a highly sought after species that is not commonly seen in the hobby. They will grow to be about 3 inches in size and can go into a 10-gallon aquarium if added singly. The Swissguard Basslet inhabits deep recesses of coral reefs in the Western Atlantic up to 45 meters deep.

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