Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse - Philippines

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Wetmorella nigropinnata

Species within the genus Wetmorella are peaceful, active, reef safe and very unique looking, which makes them appealing to hobbyists. When feeding them, give them a varied small meaty diet. Feeding them multiple times a day is recommended as they are very active and keeping them full will help keep them away from desirable inverts. As with all the other fish in the genus, they are capable jumpers at all stages of their life, so a covered aquarium is necessary. The Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse has an arrowhead and a longer snout, which allows them to pick at food in small crevices. Their coloration will change from juvenile to adult and can vary depending on its mood. They have a pygmy size of only 3 inches, so can be kept in smaller aquariums. The Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse is found in the Indo-Pacific with in lagoon and seaward reefs up to 36 meters deep.

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