Barbonius Anthias - Indonesia


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Odontanthias borbonius

Anthias are known for being brightly colored and will make an exquisite display when added in a harem. They can be added in groups of at least three, but will do much better in a harem size of 6 or 9. Usually, one in the group will morph into a male, and a male can be added for every 4 or 5 females, which gives a much more completed look. The males will protect the females, making for a really great show. Due to their increased metabolism, it is important that these anthias are fed multiple times a day and a varied diet for their continued health. They will grow to be 6 inches in size and a harem will require an aquarium of 125 gallons. The Barbonius Anthias are found in the Indo-Pacific and inhabits near coelacanth caves up to 300 meters deep.

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